3 Pillars to Thrive Programme


PHILOSOPHY: Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
MEDICINE: Characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease

To truly thrive, we need to not only to be fit, active and happy, but we need to look holistically at multiple areas of our lives. That includes all things physical, mental, and habitual. This personalised 12-week mentorship programme includes focus upon each area, with added nutritional support, all to get you back to optimal fitness, and adapted to your individual needs. When we are truly thriving across all areas of life, our energies are balanced and aligned. Our focus doesn't sway more toward one area and less toward another. We speak positively and take enjoyment out of what we do. We spend quality time with family and work smarter not harder. We reach our goals and the journey to get there causes us less stress and anxiety that it maybe once used to. We also don't see failure as a bad thing, more of a lesson to be learnt to help us with our growth.

We are each responsible and accountable for our actions, and with this programme you will receive support and guidance to get you back on track where you were once energetically blocked &/or lost.

What's included?

  • Weekly goals for each thrive pillar
  • Video and 121 support (up to 4, optional)
  • Journalling prompts (PDF)
  • Affirmations (PDF)
  • Meditations (audio and scripts)
  • 2 Reiki Healing sessions (in person or distance healing)
  • Guidance to recognise triggers & understand moods
  • Learn life long tools to replace self-sabotaging routines
  • Build a new mindset to achieve aspirations
  • Develop nutritional habits
  • Implement proven self-care methods
One off Payment - £697
Payment plans: 2x £350 or 3x £250
Lesley Taylor Testimonial

"Myself and the directors have been working with Jim on a group corporate booking basis since we met him in December 2019 in person and via UCAN Thrive online programmes on an individual basis. Jim completely understands each individual’s needs physically, mentally and from a lifestyle perspective. We have seen tremendous results not only physically but also mental well being. By working on the Thrive Pillars habits and lifestyle are balanced and the stress I struggled with has evaporated. Jim can relate to the needs of his clients whether it be a physical element, stress or otherwise and can help you to feel back on top. More importantly my family has noticed the difference and it has made time spent with them so much happier"
- Damian, Construction company CEO