UCAN Massage Therapy

Massage is often seen as an alternative therapy for physical issues. Whether it's muscle aches and pains, postural, injury recovery, or stress reduction or relaxation. I like to think of massage therapy as a staple rather than an alternative as it supports so many areas of our lives.

  • Do you need support for a specific injury or condition eg. Stroke/Neurological spasticity?
  • Would you prefer a plan to complement your workout routine such as mobility, stretching and exercise?
  • Are you a lorry driver, hairdresser, or a teacher, working long hours and holding poor posture resulting in a sore back, neck and shoulders?
  • Do you need some resting time and rather enjoy a relaxation massage as opposed to deep tissue?
  • Have you got trouble travelling and need home visits?

I specialise in Sports Massage Therapy and work very closely with the CrossFit Widnes team. However, I work with my clients for all of my massage therapy treatments to ensure they are the right approach for what you need.

Massage therapy supports increased flexibility and speeds up recovery time, increases circulation, aids the elimination of by-products of exercise (such as lactic acid), reduces pain, and additionally help you relax, gain focus and clear the mind.

Luke Bradshaw Testimonial

“After playing rugby league for years and using CrossFit to train for it I’ve always had issues with my shoulders and back. Mobility being a problem, but shoulder pain when warming up every day and during the workout to. When I turned 30, I looked at starting to look after my body more, I contacted Jim to look at my shoulder pain and mobility issues, and after just a few sessions I could feel the difference. I am now seeing Jim once a month to keep maintenance up on my body. Warmups, lifting and workouts are now completely pain free and my mobility is improving every week. Investing in your health is the best investment you will make, highly recommend Jim.”
- Luke Bradshaw